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How Dirty Are Your Gutters?

In addition to leaves falling from trees, shingle debris is also a major contributor that leads to clogged gutters and downspouts. Wind and rain causes your shingles to give up some of their gritty coating that settles in your gutters as sand and mud. Water doesn't flow well, if at all, through sand bars.

At O&A Home Maintenance we know how to clean gutters. There is no magic trick! Our experienced and trained technicians use extension ladders with wings to allow the ladder to lean directly on your roof, thereby avoiding damage to your gutters. From there we are able to see the debris, dig it out by hand, as well as with high power vacuums, and then flush the entire gutter and downspout system with water. This ensures your gutters are thoroughly cleaned.

Gutter dirty.jpg


Gutter cleaned.jpg


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